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Give me a breakdown of sales by city.
Which creatives are performing best?
What's the geo breakdown of my customers?
Compare this year's sales to last year's.
Generate new creatives for specific SKUs.
Give me an overview of my customer base.
Give me some insights about my products.
What's a good ad strategy based on geos?
Can you analyze my sales?
What campaigns have the lowest CPA?
How do engagements with ads affect sales?
How's my Meta marketing performing?
What Meta audiences are buying the most?
What are my sales per product by region?
Create new audiences & send them to Meta.
Where should I shift my ad budgets?
Show seasonal trends of specific products.
Help fix the ads in my worst performing geos.
What campaigns have the highest ROAS?
Give me more insight on my historical sales.
What's my AOV per product, by gender?
Can you give me more insight on my historical sales🛍️?
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